Outdoor a Zurigo

The project immediately had the concept of "debunking" the wrong myth about the city of Zurich, which many mistakenly consider to be a rigid and sad city. With our clients, we were able to learn that it is not just the city of banks and stock exchanges, large and cosmopolitan, but also a city of trend and quite fashionable.

The city is also synonymous with elegance and worldliness, has trendy and lively districts full of design shops, and its inhabitants are true lovers: the young couple indeed showed an unconditional love towards the outdoor products of Paola Lenti from the very beginning!

Ropes and fabrics with bright and very lively colors typical of the brand have characterized the design of the two outdoor spaces required for the pool area from the start.
Among the various proposals from Paola Lenti, we opted for practicality having also two small children: elements with metal structures and coarse and two-tone fabrics were selected, such as Brio, accompanied by Rope elements: tenacious yarn, resistant to weathering, dyed in a wide range of colors, all resistant to UV rays, sea and pool water, woven to become similar to the ropes used on sailing boats.

The magnificent green of the surrounding space, the mountains in the background, and the blue of the beautiful pool necessarily needed a dominant color that stood out. Bush plantings in the garden of the house, such as Lavender, thus led to the choice of the range of Fuchsia and Purple that give a touch of liveliness to the outdoor atmosphere.
For the two sun loungers, the choice fell on a more neutral product and above all one that integrated perfectly with the travertine laid as flooring surrounding the pool.

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